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Introducing Terra Incognita, the Australian Speculative Fiction Podcast and sister site to Coeur de Lion.

The first story up is “The Devil in Mr Pussy” by Paul Haines. |Link| Direct download |MP3|.

You can subscribe to the feed at:

Posted by Charles Tan

5 thoughts to “Terra Incognita – The Australian Speculative Fiction Podcast”

  1. Have to agree with the above. IF there is no Actual, Real Download link I want NOTHING to do with them. Curious also a lot of L. Ron Hubbard audio promos here lately. Is this a Scientology related website on SFFaudio? RTC or WISE sponsored? Not to say that he never did any good Golden Age Golden Age of SciFi, just like to know the source on such.

  2. I’ve managed to suss out the direct link to the MP3 and added that into the post.

    As to the “RTC” and “WISE” question (i had to look those acronmys up up),… SFFaudio has had no dealings with Scientology or Hubbard’s estate other than:

    1. Receiving a total of about 4 or 5 audiobooks from Galaxy Press’ new series (so far).

    2. We’ve also done a few posts about the Writers Of The Future audiobooks

    3. And I think we wrote something about them being at WorldCon 2006.

    Furthermore, SFFaudio hasn’t even had any google ads related from Galaxy Press as far as I’m aware (damn it). And lastly, I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the church of Scientology (or any other church).

  3. Hi
    Sorry but being new to podcasting, and a bit of a internet newb too, I haven’t sussed out how to put a direct download link into the site. If someone knows how or can point me to some info that would help I’d really appreciate it. I want TISF to be listened to and enjoyed by anyone.



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