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Podcast - Adventure HearThe Adventure Hear podcast’s and its host Jamie Monroe goal is to “share and expand the exciting world of Audio Drama and Audio Books.” Each episode brings you a new or classic audio drama or audiobook. Also on tap are reviews, interviews, news, commentary and a “unique behind the scenes look at what goes into producing audio drama and audio books.” Have a look at their first half-dozen shows listed below…

Episode 1: Children Of The Gods – [AUDIO DRAMA] |MP3|

Episode 2: “The Watchbird” (from Come Let Me Whisper) by Russell L. Burt [AUDIOBOOK] |MP3|

Episode 3: Star Wars: Nothing Changes – [AUDIO DRAMA] & an interview with Russell L. Burt |MP3|

Episode 4: The Room – [AUDIO DRAMA] |MP3|

Episode 5: Broken Sea‘s Grog & Gryphon – Episode 1 – [AUDIO DRAMA] |MP3|

Episode 6: An interview with Bill Hollweg creator of Grog & Gryphon and a chapter of Mur Lafferty‘s podiobook Heaven|MP3|

A couple of notes:

#1. If you’ve already heard the Come Let Me Whisper podiobook be sure to listen to second episode show just to hear what the host thinks about “What’s Wrong With Audio Drama Today.” Then head back in time to read my thoughts on that same topic (our most controversial post of 2006).

#2. If you’re unsure where to start with the above shows, I recommend Episode 5 which features the first episode of – Grog & Gryphon. It’s not just the name of a show, its also the name of the tavern located out on the edge of the civilized lands. Listeners are invited to grab a tankard of ale, sit back and listen to heroic tales of yore. Plus, it has a crackerjack opening song by the soon-to-be-massive Brobdingnagian Bards!

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