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Dial P For PulpWith a mere six podcasts completed Dial P For Pulp has already proven itself as a reliable source for great pulpy fiction. The host, David Drage, talks about pulp magazines, pulp authors, pulp books, the pulp era and games inspired by pulp. Older shows include stories by H. Rider Haggard and Robert E. Howard, but it is the most recent show, another Howard tale, that interests us the most. It’s a short story taken for the Second Annual SFFaudio Challlenge!

Fantasy / Horror Audiobook - The Cairn on the Headland by Robert E. HowardThe Cairn on the Headland
By Robert E. Howard; Read by David Drage
Podcaster: Dial P For Pulp
Podcast: March 2008
What lies beneath the stone cairn on the headland of Clontarf, where the Christian Irish defeated the pagan Vikings in pitched battle a thousand years ago? An unscrupulous extortionist plans to uncover the secret. First published in the January 1933 issue of Strange Tales of Mystery And Terror magazine.

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