Classic Tales: The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster

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classic-tales-onesheet-final.jpgThe Machine Stops
By E.M. Forster; Read by B.J. Harris
Podcaster: Classic Tales
Podcast: November 2008

A must-listen reading of the story about the future where people live below the earth’s surface, rarely interact personally, and do all their interaction by machine.

Sound eerily familiar?

I listened to part 1, read by the talented B.J. Harrison, and then took my dog out for a walk so I could be sure of connecting with the real world. If you’re interested, but can’t listen now, download it anyway, because B.J. only leaves two or three episodes up on his feed and then moves his stuff over to Audible.

Check out past episodes here.

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  1. B J Harrison is the best narrator of stories on podcast media bringing alive the classics in his very special presentations. 5/5

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