The Pit And The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe (as read by Xe Sands)

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Xe Sands recorded this classic horror story as a Halloween treat – and we certainly appreciate it, but I couldn’t help but laugh the maniacal laughter of a monomaniac when I learned that although the story was indeed originally published in October, 170 years ago, it was actually published as a Christmas story!

The Pit And The Pendulum was first published in The Gift, a Christmas And New Year’s Present for 1843.

And here’s Byam Shaw’s chilling illustration, again not particularly Christmasy, from Selected Tales Of Mystery:
The Pit And The Pendulum - illustrated by Byam Shaw

[Thanks Xe!]

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  1. There used to be a tradition of “Christmas ghost stories” (ie, that people told right before Christmas), which bled into horror stories being a big sale item at that time. Just like Halloween is associated with the big holiday of All Saints’ Day. Christian joy and spooky stories go together like campfire s’mores and spooky stories.

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