The Red Monday Audio Drama explodes into existence today!


Red Monday - Audio DramaGuess what today is? Yup, it’s Red Monday! That countdown clock website turned out to mean something after all! I got this chilling email early this morning…

You are receiving this message because you asked to be notified of the “Event.” Consider this your notification. We weren’t able to stop it. It has already occurred.

> A nuclear weapon has just exploded in Los Angeles.
> Millions of people are trying to get out.
> ..three are trying to get in.

Hi, I’m J. Marcus Xavier, executive producer of Red Monday–the all-new action / adventure audio drama from StarKnight Productions. The countdown clock has finally reached zero, and Red Monday has arrived. The premiere episode is now live and available for FREE download at Please visit and listen.

Check out the site where you can download the first episode for free. Subsequent episodes sell for $1.67 each or just $4.99 for the entire series.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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