The SFFaudio Podcast #015


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #015 – On today’s podcast we take you on a merry chase ending with… “governments can do things right.”

Talked about on today’s show:!, The January Dancer, Michael Flynn, Blackstone Audio, Eifelheim, big dumb object (also a website), Earthfall, Orson Scott Card and his interview, the Homecoming Series, the book of Mormon, The Book Of Lies, Brad Meltzer, Ender In Exile, podcast, in what order should you read a sprawlling series? answer = publication order, First Meetings, Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, Scott’s story Adrift and my reviewlette of it, Audiobooks, Eye For Eye, Run For The Stars, Harlan Ellison, Tony Smith’s StarShipSofa podcast (roundtable discussion #6), Anathem, Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Quicksilver, William Dufris, Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson, Richard Ferrone, Blue Mars, Green Mars, Cryptonomicon a 1000-page novel, Scott Brick, A History Of English In 28 Minutes, The Hour Of The Dragon podcast, Robert E. Howard, Conan, Already Dead, Charlie Huston, Elantris, Recorded Books’s Sci-Fi Audio imprint, Audible’s RSS feeds, Love In The Time Of Fridges, Tim Scott, Forty Signs Of Rain, The Coming, Joe Haldeman, Elizabeth Bear, Moth Storm: The Horror From Beyond, Philip Reeve, DRM isn’t inherently evil, my solution to the problem = government (libraries), the future of digital distribution, video game models: Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 2, Sudden Attack, Steam, what if went out of business tomorrow?, Starship: Mercenary, Mike Resnick, iTunes, digital estates, abandonware, Steve Feldberg (director of content at sez: Mike Resnick’s Starship book 4 is coming to Audible in mid-December! Huzzah!

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5 thoughts to “The SFFaudio Podcast #015”

  1. Whole heartedly agree on the Diamond Age and Snow Crash–those were great audiobooks. They translated well. I did give Quicksliver a shot and had the same experience–I couldn’t stick with it, try as I did.

  2. Thanks, Phil – the jury is still out on Anathem, but so far the experience is much closer to Quicksilver.

    I neglected to mention that both Audible and bookstores sell both unabridged and abridged versions of The Diamond Age and Snow Crash. If folks are going to buy those, don’t accidentally end up with the abridgments!

  3. Hi,

    maybe (probably) you are aware of it, but sells audiobooks for download as well. Now, I use that e-store for music only, don’t know much about how they work with books, but as this is you area of expertise maybe you would like to look at it. I would like to thank you for your wonderful podcast. I have met it just three episodes ago and it is one of my favorites. I’m more into sci-fi paper books that into audiobooks, but I enjoy your program a great deal and I think that you have discovered me a whole new world, that of audiobooks. I think I will give it a try with Ender’s Game, which I was about to reread. Your podcast is a great way for me to improve my english, as I am from Spain. And that’s it! :-)

  4. Miquel, I haven’t used yet. I beleive they offer MP3 audiobook downloads (DRM-Free). Glad you are enjoying the podcast, thanks for listening! Ender’s Game is a great place to start getting into audiobooks. Let us know how you like it. :)

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