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SFFaudio MetaDude! We’ve had some serious download numbers for The SFFaudio Podcast. Here’s my accounting from the last 14 Months tracking our podcast downloads as best I’ve been able.

The way our tracking system works I can only see the top 10 URLs downloaded per month (in KBytes). I’ve taken those numbers and plugged them all into a Google Docs spreadsheet. Most months we get numbers on just 9 podcasts (the site itself counts as one URL and of course it takes the lion’s share of the bandwidth). Here are the results.

As you can see our most popular download is still SFFaudio Podcast #105 which has been downloaded a staggering 36,392 times so far!

Our second most popular episode is SFFaudio Podcast #140. It came out in late December 2011 and has garnered 11,206 downloads!

And I think SFFaudio Podcast #122 is the third most popular, with 7,404.

In most cases the actual download numbers are higher than what I’ve recorded, but I don’t know how much higher as I don’t get to see the 10th, 11th or 12th most popular podcast downloaded in a month, nor anything beyond that – so we can just assume they are somewhere below the lowest number recorded and zero.

I’m pretty impressed with the numbers I’m seeing. Good work people!

And Thanks!

Posted by Jesse Willis

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