The Sonic Society is RABID after a bite of Crazy Dog’s The Silver Tounged Devil

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The Sonic SocietyThe latest Sonic Society podcast includes one of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s Diabolic Playhouse segments that was originally broadcast on RTÉ (Ireland National Radio). We’ve recently been debating the difference in quality between professional and amateur audio drama. Check out this show to see the professionals as The Sonic Society is presenting…
The Silver Tounged DevilThe Silver Tongued Devil
A documentary of poetry, pretension, and possession.

We reviewed this show and the rest of the Diabolic Playhouse series in early 2005, this is what Scott wrote about “The Silver Tongued Devil”: “This entire piece is done like a radio documentary, NPR-style, complete with interviews of average people about the ‘Silver Tongued Devil’. The actors who did these segments were perfect! If I had listened to this on the radio without knowing that Crazy Dog had done it, I’d have thought it was news. Who is the ‘Silver Tongued Devil’? He’s an incredibly famous poet from Cork who has the god-like ability to make people swoon with his words. Again, the piece is multi-layered, achieving both hilarity and poignancy.”

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