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The Sonic SocietyHosts Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie of The Sonic Society podcast are wrapping up their 2nd Season. And they’ve got an unmissible collection of programs. Prominent among their offerings are Dream Realm EnterprisesRobotz of the Company series! Also on board is an informative interview with J.C. Hutchins of 7th Son fame, Jack Ward wrings J.C. of quite possibly all of his podcast marketing secrets. But the goodness is not complete without talking about quite arguably the greatest audio drama yet to be podcast

Infidel by Roger Gregg

Crazy Dog Audio Theater‘s Infidel, bills itself as an “historical drama” – and it is that most assuredly. But it is also a very personal tale of the events of the 5th Crusade (1217-1221 ad) as seen from the perspective of Sir Hugh of Beauvais and his brother Sir Philip, two poor knights. They’ve enlisted themselves in a righteous campaign to free the holy lands from their occupation by heathen scum – and in so doing, they prove this isn’t just an historical drama. What nobody mentions is that while the events themselves are very real, and therefore don’t at first seem appropriate for SFFaudio discussion, the true genre of this stunning work is that of Horror! You’ll hear it for yourself in the final few minutes of part four of Infidel. I urge you to partake, not only is the production level on Infidel out of this world, so too is the writing. The complete podcast of all four parts of the complete drama are available now:

Audiobook - Infidel by Roger GreggInfidel
By Roger Gregg; Performed by a Full Cast
Podcaster: The Sonic Society
Podcast: April 2007
Sonic Society #62 (Infidel part 1 of 4) |MP3|
Sonic Society #63 (Infidel part 2 of 4) |MP3|
Sonic Society #64 (Infidel part 3 of 4) |MP3|
Sonic Society #65 (Infidel part 4 of 4) |MP3|

Hard-copies of the 2 Disc CD set of Infidel are available through ZBS.

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