The StarShipSofa podcast, the U.K.’s answer to The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas

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Starship Sofa PodcastStarship Sofa is a very cool podcast from the UK. The hosts, Tony and Ciaran, are into the literature side of Science Fiction and are determined to ramble, and very intelligently, about some of their favorite retro authors and movies. Their format is a little looser than the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas podcast, which is very much a mirror to Starship Sofa, Ciaran and Tony are far more likely to stray off topic than are Summer, Joe and David. They often talk about who was born a particular year a novel came out, what films were playing that year and what was happening in the news at the time. Occasionally I find myself enjoying their rambling, (I dig Momento too guys) but mostly I find myself wanting to spin ahead to the topic on offer. Despite these reservations, I enjoy Starship Sofa immensely and think you all might too…

Shows so far:

Show # 1: Classic Author: Alfred Bester |MP3|
Show # 2: Classic Author: John Brunner |MP3|
Show # 3: Classic Author: Algis Budrys |MP3|
Show # 4: Classic Author: Cordwainer Smith |MP3|
Show # 5: Classic Author: Stanislaw Lem |MP3|
Show # 6: Classic Film: Dark Star |MP3|
Show # 7: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 1) |MP3|
Show # 8: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 2) |MP3|
Show # 9: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 3) |MP3|

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