The Time Traveler Show #17 participates in our H.G. Wells Month

H.G. Wells Month

Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Time Traveler Show podcast #17 is all about our author of the month, H.G. Wells! Upfront is the announcement of a new guest-host contest that The Time Traveler is holding. Prizes included, besides the chance to host one of the best podcasts in the podosphere, are SIGNED copies of awesome Charles Stross audiobooks, and an advanced reading copy of Tobias Buckell‘s newest novel! The meat in this chronological sandwich is a reading of H.G. Well’s 1901 short story, The New Accelerator, is read by Bromley native Tim Rowe. Wells too was born and raised in Bromley, a suburb of London, and so that’s why I think this reading is likely to be the most faithfully accented Wells story ever attempted. Even better, Rowe has a melodic professional delivery. Check it out…

The Time Traveler Show #17 The New Accelerator by H.G. WellsThe New Accelerator
By H.G. Wells; Read by Tim Rowe
Podcaster: Time Traveler
Podcast: April 2007

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One thought to “The Time Traveler Show #17 participates in our H.G. Wells Month”

  1. Very much enjoyed Tim Rowe’s telling of the HG Wells story. Not normally a fan of sci fi, I really enjoyed it, and could well become a convert to the genre, now.
    Maybe Tim could read a larger work, and we could listen to episodes of other HG Wells’ better known novels?

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