The Turning Wheel by Philip K. Dick is PUBLIC DOMAIN

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The Turning Wheel by Philip K. Dick is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

This novelette was published in 1954, in the 2nd issue of Science Fiction Stories.

The story’s copyright was not properly renewed. In fact, a falsified renewal was attempted in 1983. The Dick estate claimed that the story was published in Science Fiction Stories, May 1955. This is false (as can be seen in a listing of the table of contents for that issue HERE).

Indeed, here is the falsified claimed renewal for The Turning Wheel:
RE190631 Page 3 (front) Souvenir, The Last Of The Masters, Upon The Dull Earth, Strange Eden, Jon's World, The Turning Wheel, Human Is

Here is the table of contents showing where The Turning Wheel was first published, Science Fiction Stories No.2:
Table Of Contents for Science Fiction Stories No.2, 1954

By 1983, the time of the renewal attempt, the agent for the Philip K. Dick Testamentary Trust, could not legally renew stories published in 1954. By 1983 any stories from 1954 would have already become PUBLIC DOMAIN. So when the renewal form was submitted the publication dates and magazine issues for many Philip K. Dick stories (including The Turning Wheel) were changed to make them look as if they were eligible for renewal.

The renewal attempt was fraudulent.

The Turning Wheel is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Here is a |PDF| of The Turning Wheel by Philip K. Dick

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