The Voice In The Night by William Hope Hodgson (read by Mike Vendetti)

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Sam Gafford, who runs the ever useful William Hope Hodgson blog, names The Voice In The Night as his top choice among all of Hodgson’s writings. Sez Sam:

The Voice in the Night – No matter how many times I read this story, it continues to have an amazing impact. If Hodgson is to be remembered for ONE story, it will be this one. The feeling of desperation and desolation is overwhelming and the story operates on several different layers which need to be studied in more depth.

I haven’t read enough Hodgson to name a top ten but I agree The Voice In The Night is a fabulously frightening horror tale.

If you’ve never read The Voice In The Night before, gird yourself, and prepare something light and fluffy to cleanse your mind for afterward, otherwise it may creep you out so much you will fear to sleep.

Here is Mike Vendetti‘s terrific narration:

Then, expect to hear from both Mike and Sam on an upcoming podcast discussing a different Hodgson horror tale!

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