The Well Tempered Audio Dramatist by Yuri Rasovsky

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Science Fiction Audio Drama - Yuri RasovskyYuri Rasovsky is known to SFFaudio readers as one of the folks responsible for the excellent 2000X radio series, as well as many, many other pieces of audio drama (click here for his audiography). Online over at the National Audio Theater Festival site, he’s offering a piece of his mind in the form of an online text titled: The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist: A Guide to the Production of Audio Plays in Twenty-First Century America. Here’s the Table of Contents:

1. Introduction by Norman Corwin
2. Give Me a Break!
3. Overview
4. Project Management
5. The Production Assistant
6. The Text
7. Manuscript Formats
8. Microphone Acting
9. Casting
10. Blocking in Stereo
11. Directing Actors
12. Production
13. Foley
14. Appendices
–1. Audio Dramatist’s Lexicon
–2. Professionalism and Studio Etiquette
–3. Credits and Announcements
–4. Useful Forms
–5. Vocal Health
–6. MP3 Files (incomplete, in-progress)
–7. Further Study
15. About the Author

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