The Xmas Files – an audio drama parody

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The X-Mas FilesGeorge Plumley wrote in to tell us about one of his older projects:

I’m a huge fan of audio drama and that led me to produce some of my own years ago. One of the projects was The Xmas Files. I originally brought it out on cassette when the X-Files was just a young pup, but now have it online:

It was one of my earliest forays into digital production – done on an Atari using the original Cubase audio program (the thing fit on a single floppy disk)… ok, so that’s dating things a bit, eh? Another interesting fact about the production is that I recorded it when I lived in Vancouver and most of the actors appeared in bit roles on the X-Files (the lead, Michael Dobson, is also a major voice actor in the Anime field).

I had a copy of this show back years ago, on cassette, back when audio drama was hard to find. I probably got it during X-Files mania, either during or shortly after the first season of The X-Files aired.

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