There’s an old fashioned radio show that may dra…

There’s an old fashioned radio show that may draw your interest. It currently airs on Wednesdays between 3:00pm and 5:00pm – the Philip K. Dick Show airs on KUCI 88.9FM which is the University Of California Irvine’s radio station. Host “djzj” plays music and reads from Philip K. Dick’s work. The show is available only in the streaming audio format for folks who live outside of the UC Irvine area.

“djzj” says this about the show:

“i’m a big fan of pkd and tend to string out a kind of dickian world on the show…i like to think of myself along the lines of the dj in dr. bloodmoney, a pkd book about a post apocalyptic world… i have a co-host ‘baby dragon’ who reads select passages from the pkd opus. i start and end the show with vangelis ‘blade runner’ soundtrack. one of the main things about the show is to promote local bands, socal and so-on. i also talk about things like…was jesus an android? we live in a horror movie…alien rabbits,and anything that randfomaly pops into our heads, i sometimes will air excerpts of pkd himself talking, gleaned from the pkd website…”

Sounds cool!

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