This just in from the future… Dick Dynamo self destructs ?!?!

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Dick DynamoHoly wazzengas! The latest Dick Dynamo: The 5th Dimensional Man show (show #5) starts off normal, then turns into an absolute train-wreck!! It appears the show is ending. The DD team has broken up (?). Jon Baker tells why the show is ending (?) in this, the last (?) podcast.

I am saddened.

On the other hand, this is probably one of the more original endings (?) for a show you’ll ever hear. I loved the poem. Have a listen to the final (?) show |MP3|. And normally I’d suggest you subscribe to the podcast, but what’d be the point? Anyway I guess that’s still here:

Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. This new “tech man” show – it sounds kind of kewl.

P.P.S. J.C. is so totally a Yoko Ono.

P.P.P.S. Is it just me or does Deck Rhynamo sound exactly like Decoder Ring Theatre’s Deck Gibson?

8 thoughts to “This just in from the future… Dick Dynamo self destructs ?!?!”

  1. Anyone have the link for ep 4? I can’t get their site to fully load today….have checked it everyday since ep 3 came out and never saw 4.


  2. Hey Rick. The site is updated with all the episodes today. I checked. Happy Dicking! :D

    By the way, Deck Rynamo DOES sound a lot like Deck Gibson! That is really crazy.. sounds like Decoder Ring Theatre’s got a super fan!

  3. Hey Jacey …. ummm… about that Yoko Ono comment…. I ummmm … really, you know, respect Yoko’s work …. like you know… ummm … like she was totally better than The Beatles … ummm like you know … with all her performance art and stuff …ya, performance art, that’s the ticket.

    Yoko was way better than The Beatles and …. resenting her for breaking up Dick Dynamo – I mean The Beatles … is totally not what I meant. ;)

    Seriously you guys rawk!

  4. too late, Mr. Willis. I already quoted you on my myspace profile.
    Never heard of Deck Gibson, but Deck Rynamo was surely first. Jon wrote it when he was 10 years old.

  5. Jesse, Thank you very much for the post – we gravely applicate all the support we get! hope you enjoyed the show – by the way we just pod casted out our origin comic of dick dynamo if your interested in checking it out! hope to hear from you again.

    Thank you
    Anthony of dick dynamo

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