Thousandth Night by Alastair Reynolds

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Sam Mowry from the WILLAMETTE RADIO WORKSHOP is the narrator for the latest audio offering from Subterranean Online magazine. That’s good news to people who know his work, and good news to everyone else too because they get to hear it now if that hadn’t previously. Check this out…

Subterranean Magazine - Fall 2008Thousandth Night
By Alastair Reynolds; Read by Sam A. Mowry
16 MP3s – Approx. 2 Hours 54 Minutes ???????? [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Subterranean Online
Published: December 2008
Thousandth Night is a tale, the best in modern space opera. Fans of Alastair Reynolds’ work will notice some strong similarities between it and his most recent novel, House of Suns, which grew out of this novella.

Intro |MP3|
Part 01 |MP3| Part 02 |MP3| Part 03 |MP3| Part 04 |MP3| Part 05 |MP3|
Part 06 |MP3| Part 07 |MP3| Part 08 |MP3| Part 09 |MP3| Part 10 |MP3|
Part 11 |MP3| Part 12 |MP3| Part 13 |MP3| Part 14 |MP3| Part 15 |MP3|

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