Tony And The Beetles by Philip K. Dick is PUBLIC DOMAIN

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Tony And The Beetles by Philip K. Dick

Tony And The Beetles, a short story by Philip K. Dick, is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

HERE is the etext.

First published in the magazine Orbit, No. 2, (which was published in 1953), this story did not have it’s copyright renewed. HERE is the copyright renewal form showing same.

Here is the table of contents from that issue:
Orbit 2 - Table of contents (includes Tony And The Beetles by Philip K. Dick)

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  1. Tony And The Beetles – story summary:

    Tony And The Beetles is a science-fiction short story written by Philip K. Dick. Tony’s parents came to Pas-udeti, or the beetle’s planet before Tony was born. Now there is a war between the two species, and Joe Rossi, Tony’s father, is stressed about this. One day, Tony decides to go to Karnet with his robot EEP. Karnet is a city where many of the aliens live, and some of them are Tony’s friends. They had been collaborating on a project, making a model spaceport. Tony and EEP decide to catch a ride, and a Pas driver asks them if they need one. While driving, Tony asks him about the war, as there had been rumours that the beetles were winning. Tony wanted to be sure. The driver says that he doesn’t know for sure and he politely demands Tony to get out of his truck. Tony confused, obeys and heads in to the city, towards his friends. When he arrives he finds his friends are not working on the model. Tony got confused again but one of his friends B’prith explained that the beetles were winning the war for the first time. All the beetles in Karnet gathered and started attacking Tony and EEP with rocks. Just then, a scout ship came and rescued Tony, but left EEP. Once home, Joe says that the humans will be retreating from now on.

    Character List:
    Tony Rossi: A 10 year old boy who was born on Karnet.
    EEP: Tony’s pet like robot.
    Joe Rossi: Tony’s father.
    Leah Rossi: Tony’s mother.
    B’prith: A Pas child. Tony’s friend who attacks Tony.
    Llyre: A Pas child. Tony’s friend who attacks Tony with B’prith.
    A tis truck driver: An adult Pas who lets Tony and EEP get on his truck to go to Karnet.
    A young female Pas: Advises Tony to leave the city.

    Themes: war, racism, inequality, colonialism
    Length: approx. 4700 words

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