Treehouse Of Horror XVII: The Day The Earth Looked Stupid

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Speaking of Gloomy Sunday and the 1930s … October 30th, 1938 was a Sunday. And as it happens an important one.

I’ve been re-watching all The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror episodes. There’s a terrific, and hilarious sequence in The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XVII called “The Day The Earth Looked Stupid.” It’s a parody and satire of the Orson Welles’ broadcast of The War Of The Worlds with a little Fallout 3 and Iraq War thrown in.

Orson Welles: “They’re grinding up the bodies of human beings.”


Orson Welles: “Now they’re riding horses in the rain.”


Orson Welles: “Now they’re playing the xylophone while bowling near an airport.”


I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire |MP3|

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3 thoughts to “Treehouse Of Horror XVII: The Day The Earth Looked Stupid”

  1. I find it interesting that you comment on how it’s likened to Fallout 3 when this episode predates Fallout 3 by approximately 2 years.

    In fact, I’ve become intrigued by this happenstance recently.

  2. The episode was just shown again tonight, and one google search later, here I am. Sure enough, Fallout 3 was released in 2008 and this Treehouse of Horror aired in 2006. Was the “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” song used in Fallout 2? If not, looks like Bethesda was influenced by The Simpsons!

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