Uvula Audio: Divers Down! Adventure Under Hawaiian Seas by Hal Gordon

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Uvula AudioJames J. Campanella, podcaster, audiobook narrator, science popularizer and lecturer writes in to say:

Uvula Audio is starting a new bookcast this week. It is a science fiction book only in the sense that it has science in it and it is a fictional story, but it is an excellent young adult novel from 1971 which is now rare and long out of print. Starting tomorrow, we will be presenting Divers Down! Adventure Under Hawaiian Seas by Hal Gordon.

This was one of my favorite books in my youth and one of the books that pushed me in the direction of science as a career.

Divers Down! Adventures Under Hawaiian Seas by Hal GordonDivers Down! Adventure Under Hawaiian Seas
By Hal Gordon; Read by James J. Campanella
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Uvula Audio Bookcast
Podcast: May 2009 –
The story concerns Kip Morgan, a student from Connecticut with an interest in undersea engineering. He comes to Hawaii to take part in the Makapuu Oceanic Center’s summer program. There he meets a number of other young scientists, including several from Hawaii, and gets involved in raising the “Ilikai,” a large canoe that sank in the 1860s while carrying a huge stone idol, a representation of the Hawaiian god Kane. Along the way, Kip’s friendship with archaeologist Julie turns romantic, he develops a rivalry with another summer student, and he has adventures under the beautiful Pacific.The story is also an excellent introduction to scuba diving and the Hawaiian language.

Here’s the first file |MP3|. Look for more in the feed soon!

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