Uvula Audio: Doc Savage: The Fortress of Solitude and The Devil Genghis

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Uvula AudioUvula Audio, the fiction podcasts produced by James Campanella, is premiering today simultaneously two Doc Savage novels back to back—The Fortress of Solitude and The Devil Genghis. Sez Jim:

DOC SAVAGE: Fortress Of Solitude AND The Devil Genghis by Lester DentBack in October of 1938, Lester Dent finally bowed to pressure from his fans and publishers and decided to reveal Doc’s major secret—the exact nature of his “Fortress Of Solitude.” Of course, in doing so, Dent realized that he would have to create a legendary villain that would become the only rogue ever to escape from Doc and come back in a sequel. That villain was John Sunlight—you have to admit even his name is seriously cool and since he is so completely black of heart, The Sunlight name is a bit of an ironic joke that characterizes the very dark bad guy.

Hitler was not quite an internationally insane figure on the scene yet so it is interesting that according to writer Will Murray, John sunlight was modeled on another power hungry nutcase—Napoleon Bonaparte. As Murray says on the European stage napoleon’s legacy of conquest still held the distinction for the most bloodthirsty even until the late 30’s.

Dent originally in his notes made Sunlight tall and gaunt like Rasputin, but when Fortress was actually published, sunlight is described with a high forehead and burning deep-socketed eyes. This is the way that napoleon was often described. Sunlight is further described as a malevolent monster who desired nothing more than to bend mankind to his wicked will.

Actually throughout both novels Sunlight has a weird funhouse kind of kinship to Doc. He is a mental genius. He far stronger than most men. He is completely emotionless—except for his bestial growls. He dislikes killing—preferring to just dominate his victims.

-Doc is bronzed and Sunlight pale

-Doc trills and Sunlight growls

-Doc’s strength comes from his developed physique and Sunlight’s from his evil mind

-Doc wears single color conservative suits and Sunlight exotic costumes of single colors

-Doc has a superb balance between mind and body.

-Sunlight is all mind and out of balance

Doc wants to right wrongs and bring peace. Sunlight insists he wants to bring peace and “be the world’s greatest benefactor” as well but as a function of his dominating the world to get it. He literally wants to wipe out war by force. He actually says at one point to Doc “We have the same aim in life you and I . . . you strive to right wrongs. And I- I am trying to right the greatest wrong of all…”

Sounds interesting hey?

Here’s the first installment: |MP3|

Podcast feed: http://www.uvulaaudio.com/Books/Books.xml

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  2. I just wanted to say that these are some FANTASTIC productions by Uvula audio, and the stories themselves are top notch pulp. Doc Savage is a pulp superman pitted against a twisted reflection.

    Bane is based on Doc Savage in part; but he may as well be based on John Sunlight. Intelligent, physically hyperkinetic and resourceful out of all imagination this is a clash of titans.

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