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Uvula AudioJames J. Campanella, has begun a new pulp fiction audiobook beginning in his podcast this week. Says Jim:

This week Uvula Audio premieres Justice, Inc. by Paul Ernst. This is the introductory book in the 1940’s pulp serial about Richard Benson “The Avenger.” Benson was a globe-trotting adventurer who made millions all over the world in risky and dangerous ventures. When he finally decides to settle down and retire, he loses his wife and daughter in a mysterious tragedy aboard an airliner where they disappear mid-flight. Benson goes mad and ends up in an institution. When he is released he has undergone several physical changes from the shock including his hair turning white and his face becoming an equally deathly pallor. From that day forward Benson vows vengeance upon the people who caused his tragic loss. This is a dark heroic story which reminds you of Doc Savage and yet is much more sober in tone. Some people have suggested that if Doc Savage was the basis of Superman, then Benson is very probably the basis of Batman and his vigilante justice. It was always made clear that Doc worked with the police – although Benson respects the police, it is always made clear that he does not feel they can do the job of justice as well as he can because their hands are tied by the system … sound familiar?

Yes it does! Here is part 1 |MP3| – the rest, when it releases, can be found at UvulaAudio.com

Justice Inc. by Paul ErnstJustice Inc.
By Paul Ernst; James Campanella
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Uvula Audio Bookcast
Podcast: March 2009 –

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