Uvula Audio – Rip Foster Rides The Gray Planet by Harold L. Goodwin

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Uvula AudioJ.J. Campanella writes in to say:

“I just wanted to inform you about a new bookcast that I am doing at UvulaAudio. We will be presenting the young adult science fiction novel Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet. It was written by Harold Goodwin (aka Blake Savage) in 1952. You may remember that Goodwin also wrote Divers Down which we presented a couple of months ago. “Rip Foster” concerns the first mission of a young, newly commissioned officer (Lieutenant R.I.P. Foster) in the Space Corps’ Special Operations division.Although published in the 1950’s, the book has withstood the test of time and does not seem all that dated. Its actual astrophysics are very true to life and apparently quite accurate. The only problematic aspects of the book are all the assumptions about the presence of life on Mars and Venus. Several facets of the story will remind you of the original Star Trek – especially the Federation that Rip works for. It is possible that Gene Roddenberry was inspired by Goodwin’s text. We will be simulcasting the book on both our kids and adult podcaststreams.”


Uvula Audio - Rip Foster Rides The Grey Planet by Harlod L. GodwinRip Foster Rides The Grey Planet
By Harold L. Goodwin; Read by J.J. Campanella
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Uvula Audio
Podcast: September 2009 – ????
Freshly graduated and commissioned Planeteer Lt. Rip Foster, already having to deal with inter-service rivalry with the Space Force crewmen with whom he serves, is tasked with retrieving an asteroid made of pure thorium from the asteroid belt and bringing it to Earth for use as fissionable material. But the totalitarian Connies have their own plans for the asteroid.

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Here’s the first chapter |MP3|

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  1. This is a favorite book for me. It does hold up well, considering how long ago it was written. I haven’t listened to the entire audio book yet, but the sampling I did suggests that it is well read and should be an enjoyable experience. I do wish that some other music than the theme from RED DWARF had been chosen, however. That music inspires memories of low brow, crude humor which is not something I associate with Rip Foster.

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