Vernor Vinge interviewed on the Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast

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adventures in scifi publishingAdventures in Scifi Publishing interviews Vernor Vinge in episode 140.  You would think he would be as intense as Raymond Kurzweil, but he seems like a light and easy going guy.  Vernor describes his Zones of Thought universe.  He also likes Charles Stross’s novel Accelerando and a short story from his Toast anthology called Antibodies |Read Our Review|. His new novel The Children Of The Sky comes out this month, which is a direct (within 20 years, as opposed to the 20,000 years of the prequel A Deepness In The Sky) sequel to A Fire In The Deep.  Vernor also mentions (at 34 min) one of Poul Anderson’s Dominic Flandry books where three species form a single mind (The Rebel Worlds according to this)

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