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Virtually is a website that offers streaming media samples of their for for-sale products, though it appears the Virtually Audio or some variation on it has been around for several years there is only one SFFaudio related show available there at the moment. A sample chapter of their Science Fiction “audio comic book” series Sectarian Wave is available in the aging RealAudio format. One hough they note there are other shows in the pipe including one called Darwin ‘s Law which they describe as “a X-Files Styled Western,” and Emily which is touted as “a futuristic adaptation of Charles Dicken’s, Oliver Twist.”

Sectarian WaveSectarian Wave
By Maninder Chana; Performed by a FULL CAST
Real Audio – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Started: July 2006
Status: Underway
For more information you can visit the official website.

Unfortunately there is no RSS feed or podcast for this site’s stuff. I’m very surprised that there are any sites still using RealAudio when it is so unfriendly to portable media players.

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