Way back in 2004 we brought you the news that J….


JMS on the set of The Adventures Of Apocalypse AlWay back in 2004 we brought you the news that J. Michael Straczynski had sold a series to CBC Radio. We’ve been patiently waiting two years and nothing has come of it… until today!

Last weekend, JMS was seen in the CBC Toronto studios with his Jeremiah cohort Sara (Samm) Barnes, producing the first batch of twenty 5 minute episodes of his new radio drama The Adventures of Apocalypse Al. The lead role is being voiced by Canadian TV star Cynthia Dale. We’ve been informed that further details will likely show up in recorded TV interview set to air on Space: The Imagination Station (Canada’s version of The SciFi Channel) during the Hypaspace program tommorow afternoon (Sunday February 19th).

In the meantime check out this 50 second preview video by clicking HERE ( Windows Media Player format).

UPDATE: Joe Mahoney, CBC Radio producer and friend to SF&F audio fans worldwide, points out that his blog AssortedNonsense.com has pictures of the recording session! Check them out THERE, along with his posts or peek at his Flickr account directly.

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  1. Okay, you were right, it’s really Sara, “Samm” being her nickname.

    According to JMS, the character of Al is based on Samm. We’re busy mixing the show today, it’s supposed to be broadcast over the summer.


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