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Science Fiction Audiobook - Pulp Fiction by Gene WolfePulp Cover
By Gene Wolfe; Read by Mike Boris
Publisher: StarShipSofa (Aural Delights No 120)
Published: 2010
Themes: / Science Fiction /

This brilliantly narrated (by Mike Boris) story was part of the Aural Delights no 120 – Gene Wolfe podcast from StarShipSofa. Thanks Tony and crew for all the great stories and commentary week after week!

“Pulp Cover” is the story of a man who wants to marry his boss’s daughter, but loses out to a perfect man from Yale. At least, that’s what the story is about on the surface, but Gene Wolfe’s stories are much more than the top layer. Subtle and satisfying.

Listening to Gene Wolfe is something I haven’t been able to do often, but his stories are finally starting to show up on audio. Audible Frontiers recently published The Book of the New Sun. “Hunter Lake” appeared in The Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine in 2003, and before that, the only audiobook I know of was a cassette from Audio Prose Library with “The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories” and “The Solar Labyrinth” on it, read by Wolfe himself. “The Tree is My Hat” was made into an audio drama at the World Horror Convention in 2002, and was included in StarShipSofa’s Aural Delights No 49. That’s all the Gene Wolfe audio I know of – any more out there?

Looks like an author page, Jesse!

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4 thoughts to “Review of Pulp Cover by Gene Wolfe”

  1. Tam, thanks! Yes, Aural Delights No 60 has “The Vampire Kiss” by Gene Wolfe.

    And thanks to those who wrote me – the links are fixed. I had some smart quotes in there.

  2. I’ll trade you an author page for an “Audio Prose Library with ‘The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories’ and ‘The Solar Labyrinth’ on it!

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