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I was sent a link to a baffling new website. The site is password protected, but I found the password through the page’s source code. Type in “gabriel” (minus the quotation marks) and you get access to a countdown sequence and more. I did the math, turns out the countdown ends on November 26th (a Monday). Anybody know the significance of Nov. 26th being a “red” day? Some Russian revolution anniversary maybe?

The reason I mention this on SFFaudio at all is that if you sign up to learn more via email you get a short mp3 file of a cryptic telephone conversation. Could be SFFaudio related.

Other things on the site and in the email lend a biblical flavour to the thing. Maybe they are code-names. Could this be a countdown to the second coming (or third if you’re Mormon)? A revelations-esque apocalypse? A terrorist attack? Some major hacking job? Or just a new movie advertizement via viral marketing?

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