We’re hard at work building a new online audio pag…

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We’re hard at work building a new online audio page that will include up-to-date links to streaming genre-related audio sources, including podcasts. We’ll get that up as soon as possible, and are completely open to suggestions and/or items to include on that page – click here to e-mail me, or here for Jesse.

In my ear is an unabridged version of Look to Windward by Iain M. Banks. This is my first Culture novel, and so far (about 10% in) I’m really liking it. I noticed that Banks’ latest Culture novel, The Algebraist, is available in England in unabridged format only. I’m curious – are there a lot of abridgements produced in England?

On or about June 15, you’ll see the return of our popular monthly “New Releases” post. I’ll gather those posts on an archive page as well.

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