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metaSFFaudio LogoHere at the SFFaudio Research and Development Lab, we’ve been watching TV hard at work on innovative solutions to match you with your audiobooks.

That’s why, when we noticed that Scalzi started to use Twitter to list his incoming books, we immediately spent hours reading his list leapt into action. We stole his idea, called it our own, and started our own feed called NewAudiobookIn. Turns out that is a very quick and easy way to note everything that comes in.

For those that aren’t on Twitter but use RSS readers to read blogs, I suggest you use this link to read the new Twitter feed as an RSS feed:

Our regular Twitter feed, @SFFaudio, will not be changed.

Stay tuned for other copied innovations, like the new SFFaudio Grill. We’ve also been playing with a new thing all the kids are doing called YouTube. Coming soon!

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