WIKISOURCE: Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick – MANUAL AUDIOBOOK EDITION (you have to read it aloud yourself)

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WIKISOURCEWikisource, the “Free Library of source texts which are in the public domain or legally available for free redistribution” (a sister project of Wikipedia) has a now completely OCRd edition The Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick.

The complete text, including images from its first publication, is now up and ready for your reading pleasure. |GET IT HERE|

Since the public domain audiobook version isn’t available anymore (due to the threat of a lawsuit) you can’t read-along.

If you’re civil minded, and a PKD fan, why not go and protest the threat, support the common good, and read the text aloud to a friend?

I’ve done it myself, it’s really fun, but I would actually recommend you print up a couple of copies and read it aloud with that friend!

Take turns, enjoy yourselves.

I don’t know if you’d want to record the audio, LibriVox is still under threat. But maybe you could even make a YouTube (or other) video out of it!

If you do I’ll embed the video below.

Adjustment Team was first published in Orbit Science Fiction’s Sept-Oct 1954 (No.4) issue.

Illustrations by Faragasso:

Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick

Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick

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