William Tenn speaking at PulpCon 35

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ThePulp.netThePulp.net, a fan-produced website devoted to the pulp magazines, has a recording of William Tenn (aka Philip Klass) from 2006. It was recorded as part of a one man panel at PulpCon 35. Sez Rick Jackson of The Science Fiction Oral History Association:

“Phil talks about working with John W. Campbell, Horace Gold and Fred Pohl among many others. He certainly had the gift of gab. If you feel saddened at his [William Tenn’s] passing as I do, this recording will bring smile to your face.”

PulpCon 35 (2006) - Rusty Hevelin (LEFT) and William Tenn (RIGHT)


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[via The Science Fiction Oral History Association]

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