Worldcon 2006’s Podcasting Suite

SFFaudio @ Worldcon 2006

The Podcast Party Suite Flyer From Worldcon 2006SFFaudio wishes to send a big thank you to the hosts and attendees of the Podcasting Suite at WorldCon 2006 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Hilton’s Suite 240 in Anaheim, California. These three nights were giant blast of goodness for us. Here’s a rundown of the folks who made it all possible:

Podcast ReadySponsoring the event was Podcast Ready, a cool company which provides software that will turn any internet connection into a podcast update source. Their software resides on your MP3 player and will search out all your latest subscirptions whenever it is plugged into any USB port (whether it is your personal computer or not).

PodrunnerProviding music was DJ Steveboy from the premier podcast providing workout tunes for your weekly workouts.

Thursday Night:
The Intern et Review Of Science FictionHosted in part by Bluejack from The Internet Review Of Science Ficiton (and the podcast :: overclocked ::)

Aeon Speculative FictionAnd by Marti McKenna from Aeon Speculative Fiction.

PodiobooksAnd by Evo Terra of

Friday Night:
Escape PodFriday it was Escape Pod’s turn. The hosts were Stephen Eley, his wife and fellow narrator Anna Eley, as well as E-Pod slush pile reader Scott Janssens.

Saturday Night:
Dragon Page Cover To CoverSlice Of Sci-FiMichael And Evo's Wingin' ItEvo once again hosted a night of debauched poetry slamming. A wonderful time was had by all.

Some of the podcasting attendees at the three nights were:

Deadpan PodcastSpherical TomiJack Mangan of Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast and the podiobook Spherical Tomi.

Discovered Country; Or The Adventures Of Rosemary The LibrarianNora Fleischer of the podiobook Discovered Country; Or The Adventures Of Rosemary The Librarian.

Matthew Wayne Selznick of the Brave Men Run podiobook.

Nina Kimberly The MercilessChristiana Ellis of the podiobook Nina Kimberly The Merciless

Craphound: The Literary Works of Cory DoctorowCory Doctorow from the fiction podcast “Craphound: The Literary Works of Cory Doctorow” podcast and

The Pocket And The PendantMark Jeffrey of The Pocket And The Pendant podcast novel.

The Balticon PodcastPaul Fischer from the Balticon Podcast

SingularityBill DeSmett of Singularity podiobook.

James Patrick Kelly's Free Reads PodcastBurn by James Patrick KellyJames Patrick Kelly from The Free Reads Podcast (which released JPK’s hugo nominated novella, Burn as well as Men Are Trouble and numerous short stories).

I took a camera to Worldcon and have posted a number of the pics from the podcasting suite’s three parties into my Flickr account. I also made a general Worldcon set, click on through to see them both.

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