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I received an email from Bradford R. Bowman, who among other things runs a cool blog about crossbows (it needs updating with more posts Bradford!). Bowman had this to say:

“Hey, I just thought the site [SFFaudio.com] might mark the season finale of Wormwood, which in my mind was really the highlight of the year in audio drama. They hint at plans for a second season, but it would be great if could urge them to that end. I mean, we have to know what happens to Sparrow!”

Good idea! I’ve just finished listening to the season finale of Season 1 – “It has all built to this moment…” – and boy did it finish cool, very, very, VERY cool! I previously described this show as “one part Twin Peaks, one part mystery, one part supernatural” after hearing the Season Finale I’d like to add a couple more descriptors: “Wicker Man-esque” and “Lovecraftian!”

Podcast Audio Drama - Wormwood: A Serial MysteryWormwood: A Serial Mystery – Season One
By various; Performed by a full cast
24 MP3s – Approx. 9 Hours [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Habit Forming Films / WormwoodShow.com
Podcast: July 2007 – January 2008
Tragedy forced Doctor Xander Crowe down the pathways of the occult and he was forever transformed. Now, chasing the vision of a drowned woman, Crowe finds himself in the haunted town of Wormwood, where evil lurks in the shadows and stains the souls of its inhabitants.

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Posted by Jesse Willis

4 thoughts to “Wormwood Season One wrapped”

  1. Yeah, I really do need to update that thing. A lot more work has been done on it that isn’t detailed in the blog, but then the project got stalled by getting a job and having a kid.

  2. Jesse–

    Thanks for the kind words! We’ve been getting a great response to the season finale, so I’m glad to count you among those who liked how we wrapped up the season!

    And Brad, fear not! Wormwood Season 2 is being written as I type this!

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