ZBS’s Ruby 5 set to be podcast June 30th

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ZBS FoundationThe ZBS Foundation, the creators of Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe, will be podcasting all of Ruby 5, “The Land of Zoots”, starting on June 30th! Episode one is already in the feed. Jerry Stearns of Sound Affects fame describes it as: “a fun, romping story set on an archipelago on Ruby’s home planet, Summa Nulla, Crossroads of the Galaxy.”

And here’s the description from wikipedia entry on Ruby The Galactic Gumshoe:

Ruby is hired by the President Koonstar Bootstar to find out who created the Land of Zoots, a fantasy land that has stated to be made real by the inhabitants of the Awakening Archipelago.

Ruby 5 was intended as a daily continuing story for radio, so it’s gonna be podcast that way too. It will be released in daily 4-minute (or so) episodes for 64 days!

Subscribe to the podcast for it via this feed:


Also available, “Meatball’s Meatballs” podcasts. Which is described as “Fabulous info on the making of some of the best audio theater in the last 30 years. Great tips on music, field recording and writing for audio, and just stories full of fun.”

Subscribe to that via this feed:


[Thanks to Jerry Stearns for the tip!]

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4 thoughts to “ZBS’s Ruby 5 set to be podcast June 30th”

  1. I had erratic access to the net for awhile, and missed episodes 2,3,4,13,14,15. Now, of course, they’re not available. If the episode files at the ZBS website were simply numbered, I could fish for them anyway, but since the filenames include the episode names, I need those as well.

    Going to all the trouble to collect every Ep of Ruby 2 (worthless, plotless, senseless) left a bad taste. A complete set of eps for a good story would certainly help. If anyone can supply the missing eps files, or at least the chapter titles, I’d appreciate it.

  2. I was downloading the podcast episodes, and I went back to check for more and I see they have been renumbered and reordered. Does anyone know why, or at least know which ordering is correct? I don’t want to listen in the wrong order. Thanks!

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