Zombie Astronaut adds a podcast feed!

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MP3 webzine - Zombie Astronaut Zombie Astronaut, an ever changing collection of revivified radio dramatizations has added a podcast feed to its site! I count this as an awesome idea. I love the ZA but I just can’t remember to check on his desicated corpus as often as I should. All such splendiferous audio resources should tend this way. But that’s just this zombie’s opinion.

Podcast - Zombie Astronaut's Frequency Of FearFrequency Of Fear will be broadcast every other week. The first show |MP3| (49.1 mb; 53:46 min.) is out already and features an all Bela Lugosi theme!

Featured in this first episode are:

-Suspense: The Doctor Prescribed Death,
-An excerpt from “Candid Microphone” featuring Bela as a shrunken head salesman
-The 3-D Invisibles’ song I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi
-Bela’s unaired reading of The Tell-Tale Heart
-And more!

Here’s the podcast feed:


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