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“Lords of Lite-brite! How can this be?”
-Gonad: The Barbarian

GONAD (Lite-Brite)

It looks as though the Zombie Astronaut has had his own bizzare and wonderful reaction to the CONAN ATTACKS FANS story we ran a while back. His latest episode of The Frequency Of Fear features an all barbarian cast – including that of BSAP’s Conan himself (Stevie Farnaby). But, no doubt due to legal threats by CONAN PROPERTIES INTERNATIONAL, the Conan cameo has had his name changed… Robert E. Howard’s CONAN shall now be known as GONAD: THE BARBARIAN (at least for the purposes of this parody).

The Zombie Astonaut’s Frequency Of Fear: #53 – Adolph The Barbarian
1 |MP3| – 1 Hour 40 Minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: The Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency Of Fear
Podcast: April 12th 2009

There are plenty of other familiar voices in the show including those of: Jack Ward (from Sonic Society and Sonic Gold), Paul Mannering (of Broken Sea Audio Productions) and even the banshee-like David Lee Roth (as himself)! In between the original material is a bunch of barbaric audio oddities including…

Power Records - Conan The Barbarian LPPower Records - Conan The Barbarian LP - BackFrom the Power Records album… Conan: Shadow Of The Stolen CityConan: The Crawler In The MistsConan: The Thunder Dust and more. But beware of the horrifically awful storybook audio drama: HE-MAN: The Power Of The Evil Horde its moral core is so hideously repugnant it will both rot your teeth and quease your inner ear simultaneously.

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