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REB Audio - The Disembodied Man by Larry MaddockThe Disembodied Man
By Larry Maddock; Performed by Bill Mills and Roxanne Mills
MP3 Download – Approx. 31 Minutes [DRAMATIZED READING]
Publisher: REB Audio Books
Published: April 2009
Listen to a sample |MP3|
Unique SF Romance and Puzzler! From the creator of time traveling secret agent Hannibal Fortune and his sardonic, shape-changing colleague, Webley, comes one of the rarest stories in science fiction history, in an all new audio dramatization. “The Disembodied Man” was published only once, in the legendary sf pulp zine “Imagination” in the early 1950s. Off-beat and humorous like much of Maddock’s work, it is at once a unique tale of an unconventional romance and an intricate puzzler with two O’Henry-like twists, resulting in a delightfully human and touching short story. Who was the disembodied man? How had he gotten that way? Who was the mysterious woman that seemed to watch over him day and night? And could a woman, could any woman, fall in love with “the man who wasn’t there?”

Bill Mills, of this audiobook, sez:

Larry Maddock (aka Jack Jardine), the author of the original piece, died yesterday, April 14th. Maddock may be best known for his 60’s Ace Books SF series The Agent of T.E.R.R.A. Jack was also one of my oldest and dearest friends.

I hoped that perhaps you guys would give the audio book a listen and review. A mention from SFFAUDIO would be a true kindness in tribute to Larry Maddock’s passing.

The audiobook of “The Disembodied Man” is available at http://REBAUDIOBOOKS.COM for $3.00 as an mp3 download in 96k and 32k files. I am currently working on uploading 192k files and they will soon be available as well.

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2 thoughts to “Recent Arrivals: The Disembodied Man by Larry Maddock”

  1. Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear this! I loved the Agent of TERRA books. They were very smart and fun, even though they sometimes suffered from being a product of their times. I’ll always remember that Larry Maddock was the first writer I encountered to point out in print that societies with powerful goddesses were often not good news for the human women living in them.

    I had no idea that Maddock had written other stories, and I’m deeply grieved to hear that he just passed away. May God be good to him.

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