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Zombie AstronautThe Zombie Astronaut, that magnificent malnourished monster, has posted some highly coveted episodes from one of the most sought after radio dramas in recent memory: Johnny Chase Agent Of Space!

Johnny Chase Agent Of Space was a space opera radio serial that was broadcast for two seasons on CBC Radio between 1978 to 1981. The show was set 700 years in the future. According to wikipedia the show runs “a fine line between being a serious space opera and being an over-the-top spoof of them.”

Chase works for the Earth Empire aboard his spaceship the Aleph-9. Also on board is his talking computer, voiced by Chris Wiggins (of Friday The 13th: The Series). Together they battle space pirates, space vampires, and evil space aliens – all of whom are in space!

Johnny Chase Agent Of SpaceEpisode #11 -The Living Crystals |MP3|

Ep. #13 – Emporess In Exile |MP3|
Ep. #14 – Mozart Mystery |MP3|
Ep. #15 – Doctor Death |MP3|
Ep. #16 – The Mirror Demons |MP3|
Ep. #17 – The Phantom Troop Ship, Pt. 1 |MP3|
Ep. #18 – The Phantom Troop Ship, Pt. 2 |MP3|
Ep. #19 – The Last Human |MP3|
Ep. #20 – The Clone Killers |MP3|
Ep. #21 – Space Dracula |MP3|
Ep. #22 – The Easter Conspiracy |MP3|
Ep. #23 – The Power Of Org |MP3|

Lots of other goodness can currently be found on ZA’s blog too (as opposed to the also excellent ZA’s website or addictive ZA’s podcast).

One other show that caught my eye, and my ear, is a more recent CBC Radio Drama series called Deep Night. It’s clearly in the CBC radio drama tradition of shows like Nightfall. I have fairly fond memories of the original broadcasts of Deep Night, it aired on summer evenings a few years ago. The scripts aren’t terrific, but theme song is haunting, and the acting is great.

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