Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency Of Fear: Dawn Of The Dummies

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The latest episode of The Frequency Of Fear, entitled Dawn Of The Dummies, features me in a very minor role. I play a surprised military convention attendee who is upset when a zombified mouse eats my “Gordon Rush oxfords.”

I should also tell you that because of my meager acting skills I’ve declined far more audio drama roles than I’ve been offered, but this is the second time I’ve been enlisted into the Zombie Astronaut’s craziness. Zombie knows my secret weakness. He knows that I am always proud to associate myself with any script which includes a “mustachioed woman” in it. Sadly, in this instance, I did not get the role of the mustachioed woman.

You can hear my contributions in either the full show, including all the ventriloquist dummy themed OTR |MP3| or with just the new material |MP3|. Fun stuff!

“But wait,” you ask. “what is The Frequency Of Fear?” Here’s the Zombie Astronaut‘s answer:

Follow the adventures of a zombie, two mad scientists and a particularly disgusting pirate as they battle government do-gooders (and do-badders), Martian girlfriends, Moon men, vomiting dolls, monsters and evil so evil we dare not speak its evil name…

The Frequency Of Fear Lite is a horror/sci-fi/suspense/action comedy spin-off of the much larger Frequency Of Fear podcast, which also features thematically linked Old Time Radio, Halloween novelty music and horror and sci-fi audio in general.

And it has also, occasionally, featured some very hard to find Canadian radio drama too!

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