Wake up! Time to die: Seeing Ear Theatre has died

June 14, 2007
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Seeing Ear Theatre

Alas, my friends I bear sad tidings…. Seeing Ear Theatre is dead!

If you’d been putting off listening to the wonder that was Sci-Fi Channel (U.S.’s) bold experiment, Seeing Ear Theatre, you’ve made a horrible, irrevocable mistake. As we predicted, and dreaded, the long abandoned, much loved and now much missed Seeing Ear Theatre website is no longer offering their archives in the RealAudio format. If you click on any of the audio links now you’ll only hear an error message.

I’m really hoping for a reprieve here, but I’m afraid its not very likely. The site had been abandoned for so long, and we’d all gotten so used to the access to the comfy old shows that were still archived there. But, as the web-architecture for the site has been aging unattended for more than six years we really can’t say its was all that unexpected. Its still possible the files are on file somewhere, and just now inaccessible for some reason, but I don’t like our chances of seeing a fix.

Goodbye SET, you were the best of your kind, you were unique, ahead of your time, you will be sadly missed.

Seeing Ear Theatre
1997 – 2007

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