Review of A Green Thumb By Tobias S. Buckell

A Green Thumb
By Tobias S. Buckell; Read by Alexander Wilson
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Publisher: Telltale Weekly
Published: 2004
Themes: / Science Fiction / Alternate History / Genetic Engineering /

First published in Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact’s Jul/Aug 2002 issue, “A Green Thumb” posits an alternate world where consumer goods, like automobiles, are planted and nutured like trees instead of being manufactured. These plants grow directly into products, taking their final shape via genetic engineering. No chemicals or pollution, just sunshine and earth. Unfortunately, this short story is missing an interesting consequence or any sort of twist. Instead it relies on juvenile emotions for direction and energy. Like a sitcom without the humor, a family problem arises, a mild crisis ensues ending with a happy ever after resolution. Alexander Wilson’s reading was good with clear enunciation, though the characters voices could have used a little more distinctiveness. Available online at Telltale Weekly, “A Green Thumb” sells for only $.75 USD, merely the cost of a vended soda, making it a worthwhile listen.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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