Faster Than Light producer Joe Mahoney, informs us…

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Faster Than Light producer Joe Mahoney, informs us that the third pilot for the proposed science fiction radio show, has not been greenlighted by the CBC Radio big wigs for summer broadcast. But its not all bad news, while this is the third pilot for the series, the CBC brass arent abandoning the concept. Joe informs us “they want to tweak it just a little bit more before committing to a series. I got a clear message that they believe in the project but they want to take the time to make certain that it’s done absolutely right. This can only be a good thing for the show.” Having heard both the first and second pilots so far myself, I can tell they’ve really got some great people working on the project and its just a matter of time. Thanks for the update Joe! Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that I should follow Roman Republic senator Cato the Elder’s example and end every post on SFFAudio with: “And Faster Than Light MUST live!” Maybe that’ll help.

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