ABC Radio National: The Philosopher’s Zone – conciousness, sensation and BLINDSIGHT

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ABC Radio National - The Philosopher’s ZonePeter Watts‘ novel Blindsight (the audiobook for which is available from Recorded Books) takes its title from a phenomenon, of the same name, first observed by philosopher and psychologist Nicholas Humphrey. Humphrey is the guest on an episode of my favourite Australian podcast The Philosopher’s Zone. Here’s the description:

You are in a darkened lecture hall looking at a patch of red projected onto a screen in front of you. What’s involved in “seeing red”? This week, we meet the philosopher and psychologist Nicholas Humphrey who uses the phenomenon of seeing red as way into the mystery of consciousness.

If you think the phenomena of consciousness is interesting and wonder whether dogs think about themselves then have a listen |MP3|

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3 thoughts to “ABC Radio National: The Philosopher’s Zone – conciousness, sensation and BLINDSIGHT”

  1. I read that on BoingBoing, was deeply saddened. The USA is a great country, full of great people and great injustices. Since I don’t have a congressperson to write to I will be voting with my feet, by not visiting there anytime soon. And that’s a sadness for me. I wanted to go to the Museum Of Flight and the SF Museum and visit my friend Gregg Margarite.

  2. Phenomenology vs. Phenomenalism? I sense reason might help… or maybe not.

    I think courts are easily seduced by the fallacies of high and low redefinition, and this is no exception. But if words were like numbers we wouldn’t have the stories. I’m just happy to know there’s a loft apartment above my office where my friend Jesse Willis lives. I haven’t been to the Museum of Flight yet. Maybe it’s because I was disappointed in the Air & Space Museum. Did you know that place is full of stuff?


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