ABC RN’s Philosopher’s Zone on Frankenstein

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ABC Radio National - The Philosopher’s ZoneABC Radio National has some of the best podcast radio shows. It rivals the Canadian Podcasting Corporation’s own terrific podcasts in many respects. One show I get to talk about here every once in a while is The Philosopher’s Zone. The latest show to makes me say: “Hey, check it out.” is…

|MP3| It’s alive! Frankenstein, science and philosophy in the Romantic period

The show talks about a new collection of essays about Mary Shelly’s novel and the science of her era.

I took a Women’s Studies course that talked a lot about the feminist interpretations of the novel. The arguments made, made a lot of sense, and still do. But, this show delivers other arguments.

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One thought to “ABC RN’s Philosopher’s Zone on Frankenstein”

  1. I’ll enjoy listening to this when I get a chance. I’m a huge fan of Romantic-era literature, as I feel like it’s exerted a lot of influence on modern fantasy.

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