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Audible Frontiers - METAtropolis : The Dawn Of UncivilizationMETAtropolis
By Jay Lake, John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Karl Schroeder; Read by Michael Hogan, Scott Brick, Kandyse McClure, Alessandro Juliani and Stefan Rudnicki
Audible Download – Approx. 9 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audible Frontiers
Published October 21st 2008
Five novellas by five of the hottest SF authors of today.
Novellas included:
In the Forests of the Night by Jay Lake; read by Michael Hogan
High in Oregon’s Cascades, a mysterious stranger named Tygre Tygre walks into the off-the-grid settlement known as Cascadiopolis and claims asylum. He is a man with no past and seemingly otherworldly abilities. Will he be the Cascadians’ salvation?
Stochasti-city by Tobias Buckell; read by Scott Brick
OK, Reg. You’re a bouncer who’s barely eking out a meager existence in the decaying Wilds outside Detroit. So a little job tracking the Eddies on their patrols seems like easy money. Well, think again, Reg. Because a riot’s about to happen… and you’re going to be the cause…
The Red in the Sky is Our Blood by Elizabeth Bear; read by Kandyse McClure
How does the stranger know Cadie’s real name – and why she’s on the run – and what it all has to do with the Ukrainian mob? He’s offering her freedom from possessions and a totally new way of life. But he wants just this one little favor…
Utere Nihil… by John Scalzi; read by Alessandro Juliani
The only thing Benji lacks more than ambition is luck. And his new job has to be the lowest of the low. But something is stirring in the zero-footprint economy of New St. Louis. And Benji’s about to find himself chin deep in the muck!
To Hie from Far Cilenia by Karl Schroeder; read by Stefan Rudnicki
Gennady’s an expert on nukes, so when the Interpol man hires him to track some stolen plutonium, it seems like business as usual. Except for this: all signs lead to – a place that doesn’t exist.

Listen to two METAtropolis authors discussion (John Scalzi and Tobias Buckell) |MP3| disucss the collection…

“The authors converse about writing for audio, how they artfully handle peculiar prose called infodumps, and the fun behind world-building in collaboration. How this team of five incorporated their lives into their novellas for METAtropolis and whether their frightening visions of the future could ever happen are also among the topics covered.”

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