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Afterhell PodcastThe Giallo Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, offers fine dining, well appointed rooms, and old fashioned customer service. But while you’re staying there be sure not to ask what the noises coming from the thirteenth floor are. And for the love of God – whatever you do – don’t order the lasagna!

The Giallo Hotel isn’t just lodgings for families on vacation at the NJ seaside, oh-no, it’s also the ghoulish setting for the newest Afterhell Audio Drama:

Bloodbath At The Giallo Hotel

What?!? You haven’t heard of Afterhell series? It’s by the Horror Audio Drama masters at Ollin Productions!

Afterhell is like The Twilight Zone as done by the flesh-craving zombie of Rod Serling:

“This is your gateway to a nightmare world of the ear and the mind. There, horrors have been set loose on the world. Planet Earth is changing to fulfill a new role in the universe. It is the new Hell. Madness and evil are everywhere. In everyone. In everything. All over the world, civilization has fallen. Cities burn with lunacy and brimstone. Science can’t explain it. Faith can’t account for it. The human race is under attack from its own shadows, sins, and deepest fears. The survivors face a surreal existence where only the darkest dreams come true. No one is safe. And everyone is on trial. Poetic justice and naked cruelty. Personal demons and infernal beasts. It’s all here. This is the home of the damned. This is AFTERHELL.”

You can download the first part of Bloodbath At The Giallo Hotel in MP3 format or subscribe to the podcast, experience the Horror for yourself:

3 thoughts to “Afterhell Podcast: Bloodbath At The Giallo Hotel”

  1. Thank you so much for the very kind and enthusiastic words! We’ve been working through the winter and spring to get this out, and it’s finally starting to come together. The story will continue to unfold through the summer — hope you enjoy the rest of it.
    Jamie Lawson
    Co-Producer, “Afterhell”

  2. I expect I will. The acting and writing on Afterhell are really TOP SHELF! I really appreciate the attention to detail (the name “Giallo” itself is a prime example). My only critique – and I’m not sure its even reasonable to expect you could change it – would be that some of the gun sound effects sound “canned.”

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