CBC Radio One airing Canadia: 2056 episode 7

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Canadia 2056Neither rain, nor heat, nor “bandwidth exceeded” notifications shall keep this blog from it’s appointed posts! It’s Friday, so we’re here to remind you of what that means. Indeed! It is Canadia: 2056 day! Episode 7 day! It’s airing on CBC Radio One station across Canada this morning starting at 11:30 am in all time zones (Noon in Newfoundland). Listeners who aren’t patiently waiting at their radios for the appointed hour still have an opportunity to hear it ONLINE via the Streaming Radio Map – be sure to click the time zone in your area at 11:30am. Only THREE more episodes to go!

Here’s the official CBC Radio hotsheet description:

“Head for outer space this morning aboard Canadia 2056, the lone Canadian government spacecraft, sent to support an American space armada fighting hostile aliens. The Canadia receives word that their budget is being cut and the Captain has to decide what to trim. Doc Gaffney isn’t happy with his decisions and takes drastic action. Anderson makes a new best friend, oh – one more thing – the American fleet disappears. Canadia 2056, this morning at 11:30 (noon NT) on CBC Radio One.”

What are those who’ve been listening thinking of the show?

One thought to “CBC Radio One airing Canadia: 2056 episode 7”

  1. I’m still enjoying it a lot, though I haven’t heard this week’s episode yet… Anderson is pretty much just Fry from Futurama… but who cares, I like Futurama just fine!

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